Thursday, November 18, 2010

Dora Maar

My avatar on both Etsy and Blogspot is not me, it is Dora Maar.  Dora was an artist and photographer and Picasso's girlfriend and muse.  I think Dora was stunning; I've read a couple of bios of Picasso (great artist, total ass!) and I always rather liked poor beautiful tortured Dora.  She was in her late 20's and he was in his mid-50's when they met.  As the story goes, she was in a bar/cafe late at night, playing a very odd game with herself and was trying to rapidly stab a knife between her spread-out fingers.  She was wearing lightweight gloves, but of course missed now and then, and was bleeding on the table.  Old Pablo found this 1930's version of self-mutilation to be a real turn-on, plus Dora was pretty hot, so he asked for one of her bloody gloves as a keepsake (how perfectly darling of him.)  That did not bode well for the happiness of the relationship, you know.   He drove her crazy (although she well was on her way to crazy all on her own,) but their relationship is what really broke her. 

But she was gorgeous, and a brilliant photographer in her own right, and I love the iconic photographs that Man Ray took of her.   She was also Picasso's muse and favorite subject for the five or so years that they were a couple.
A Portrait of Dora Maar, by Picasso

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