Sunday, November 20, 2011

Gift guide: For the gardener, the books of Elizabeth Gordon

Gardeners are never finished with their work, not even in December --  they're already planning next year's garden.  A vintage book about flowers and gardens is a great holiday gift, especially when it is bright and fanciful and it is by Elizabeth Gordon.  Gordon was an early 20th century children's book author who took the fairy world and the nature world and put them into stories to delight and educate children.  She always got the very best illustrators for her books, and they are very valuable little commodities today. 

From Loraine and the Little People, by Elizabeth Gordon and illustrated by Penny Ross: 

From Loraine and the Little People of Spring -- illustrations by Ella Dolbear Lee:

And the absolute stunner of the group, The Turned-Intos, illustrated by the amazing Janet Laura Scott:

Let's not forget the vegetable gardeners -- Gordon wrote Mother Earth's Children  and once again Penny Ross illustrated:

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